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Integrative,Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Supervision.


Integrative Counselling.

Integrative Counselling is when different schools of the same approach are used together in a multi-functional therapy. The fundamental basis is the Humanistic approach where emphasis is placed on helping you reach your full potential. This is achieved by the counsellor facilitating the right environment for that change to happen. Three core approaches are used:-

Person-centered therapy, which focuses on the unique, individual experience of each person, 'their reality' and their self concept.

Gestalt therapy which believes that issues arise when we get stuck in fixed patterns and beliefs about ourselves; focusing on our awareness in the present.

Transactional Analysis that seeks to uncover the ways in which we relate through Ego states or states of being ; as an Adult, Parent or Child.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. 

C.B.T explores our thoughts or cognitions and looks at how they relate to our behaviours. The premise is that if we can change the way we think we will be able to change the way we behave. Therapy is a collaborative approach where both the counsellor and the client work through faulty cognitions by dissemination and then progress to change them through a structured process based around exercises and homework. This approach is systematic with distinct phases to work through. There are different protocols or treatment plans for specific conditions. It is a problem focused therapy with the therapist assisting the client to select specific strategies to address their issues and concerns.


Clinical Supervision

for Counsellors.

I endeavour to provide a safe and confidential environment for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Mental health professionals and Advice workers to discuss their work.

The focus is on promoting a reflective space which supports Supervisees through their clinical work, ethical practice and continuing professional development needs.

I practice of the seven-eyed model and cyclical models of supervision.

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